Friday, April 4, 2014

My first socks

In a previous post I showed you a picture of a sock I was working on and told you to expect to hear more about the socks as they progressed.  Well, here is some more :)

If you didn't read the article I am working on the pattern Mindless Socks by Mary Fellman.  Here is the picture from the previous blog post.

Mary's pattern calls for size 0 needles and 9 rows to start her toe.  She says however that she is a very loose knitter.  I apparently am a very tight knitter because when I first started these socks on size 0 I got past the increase section and found they would maybe fit a little child, definitely not me.  So then I tried size 2's and they were to big so I went to size 1's.  I also had to do 10 rows before adding the other needles becauseI just wasn't getting the inch and a half strip with 9 rows.  However, once I figured out those two things the rest of the sock progressed nicely.

Here is what I have so far.

I have a few more inches to go before I have to start the heel.  I've never done a heel before so this should be interesting.  The great thing about Mary's pattern is that she makes it easy for you to figure out how to adjust her pattern to fit your knitting style and foot size.  It's the sign of a good pattern writer who allows for the fact that not all knitters knit the same way or are the same size.

The yarn I am using is Regia's design line by Kaffe Fassett.  This particular one is the Mirage Twilight color.  It's a very nice yarn and I got it on sale a few years ago, its been hanging around my stash with no purpose so I figured I might as well give it one :)

Stay tuned for more progress!

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  1. I should just take out that inch-and-a-half thing. When I wrote the pattern, I was on a Regia Silk kick (still sad they discontinued it, *sob*)--I knit three or four pairs in a row--and that's what it came out to be. Since then, though, I've noted that it can vary pretty wildly depending on the yarn and needles I'm using. I think what really matters is getting the twenty stitches picked up comfortably.

    I was PM'ing with another designer on Rav the other day about how it's difficult to weigh your desire to be really thorough against your knowledge that many people just do as they always do anyway.

    He said 'You'll notice that my instructions for the toe basically boil down to, “Look, you got it by now, right? Do what you want. I don’t care.”'

    And I replied: '“Look, people, when I knit a sock I always use my favorite toe and heel regardless of what the instructions say, and I once super-glued a watch to my wrist, so you don’t need any great intellect to figure this one out.”'

    Alas, this was an example drawn from life.