Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pssst....A Change in Plans

Well, I was going to work on cleaning my fleeces from Sheep and Wool this weekend but as usual life happened.  This time it happened in the form of a 50lb foster puppy named Bellamy.  I had contacted the Animal Welfare Foundation of Iowa earlier this week to see about maybe fostering for them.  However, when I contacted them, I didn't count on how much they needed foster homes and how fast they would get me approved and get me a dog.

I contacted them Monday.  On Tuesday I got the form and the profiles for three dogs that needed homes.  Thursday they got someone to come do a home visit (the husband of a friend of the rescue coordinators cousin! LOL).  Friday morning I got the email saying, "If you could come pick out your foster by noon today, that would be GREAT!"

So yesterday I went to Anamosa with my dog Spike and we looked at two of the dogs, the third one had been adopted already, yeah!  The first dog Spike did not get along with, they fought immediately upon meeting.  I got them to calm down and we walked, but as soon as we stopped they fought again.  The second dog, Bellamy, there was no fighting.  Spike gave a bit of a growl when she lifted his hind quarters off the ground trying to sniff him but she backed off immediately.  We walked together, and they got along so we took Bellamy home.

Bellamy was found as a stray so we don't know anything about her background before the rescue got her.  I am positive she wasn't born a stray though because while she has no sit, stay, down, wait, etc... training, she does know that if you sit quietly in front of a person with food, that person might give you some food.  She also signals when she needs to go outside by whining.  So so far, we've had no accidents in the house.  Yeah!

I am crate training her and she does NOT like it. I put her in there last night about 10 after one last potty run and she cried for 20min or so. About 130 she started crying again so I got up, took her out again, and then recrated her, she did pee so at least she did have to go. She cried for about 20min again but the settled down and slept till about 8.

I haven't gone thru a female spay in 13yrs, so I listened to what the vet clinic that did the spay told me and they said I should try to keep her from jumping, but I could walk her as much as she wanted. (insert gasp from those of you who know better here). I asked about the distance, should I take her for a lot of little walks just for potty time or should I take her for 2-3mi walks like I do my other dog. They said "Oh, she'll be fine for a few miles, no problem!"

So yesterday I took her on two mile plus walks (it was to hot for multiple mile walks). She seemed ok with that. This morning however, I get her out of the crate and while I am trying to keep her quiet, she is trying to jump on me and play with Spike and Spike is trying to play with her. I finally wrangle both dogs outside and they potty. When I am taking Bellamy back into the house I notice blood dripping from her. My dh and I check her out and she's popped open the incision.

I call my foster coordinator and leave a message, then I call my vet and get her in. Fortunately it isn't anything serious so they stapled the popped open area and gave me some antibiotics, more painkillers (the original clinic only gave me 2), a cone, and better care instructions. My vet was pissed when she found out how much the other clinic told me I could walk her. Bellamy is way to active to not be walked a lot so my vet suggested I give her benedryl for a week to keep her quiet so she heals.

I am also giving Spike benedryl as well. I am still taking him for his long walks but instead of being pooped when he gets back its like the presence of another dog winds him back up again and he tries to get Bellamy to wrestle and rough house which can't happen right now.

I don't really like drugging the dogs but Bell needs to heal and its either that or I crate her all the time which sucks as well.

So, that was the first 24hrs. Now both dogs are snoozing. We shall see what the next 24hrs brings.

Here is a picture of Bellamy.  They are pretty sure she is either a Lab/Hound or Lab/Boxer mix.  I'm leaning towards the hound mix because she is very nose oriented.

Be sure to follow the blog so you can hear more about Bellamy and my adventures in fostering.  Sure, this is a fiber blog and all but she's got hair and she's cute so I say its close enough.  :)

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