Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not so Full of Scarf

I showed my husband this knitting video Knitting 101 (this is also where I got my name for my blog) so now whenever I am working on a project and I show it to him he says, "Hmmm, that is not so full of scarf." or "That area is full of scarf." depending on how much progress I have made.

I am currently working on Oceanspray which is a lace shawl and will be very pretty.  However, I'm in the early stages so this area is not so full of scarf :)  I have been working on this since April 26th.  It will be a display sample for Yarn Soup in Dubuque, Iowa for a while, and then I get to keep it for myself :)

I am using Trendsetter Yarns Cash-Woole which is a 100% Merino lace yarn.  I am also using size 2 bamboo Addi's.  Currently I have completed 29 repeats of section 1, there will be 50 repeats total.  The shawl is still in the ugly duckling/boring to work phase but soon I'll get into more of the lace work and it will be more fun to work on.

You can see my lifelines in the picture.  I add them whenever I change either a technique or a section of the pattern, or when I have gotten a lot done and don't want to risk loosing several days worth of work.  This yarn is very fine so while I haven't done a huge amount on it, what I have done has taken quite a while because I can only work on it for a while before my eyes bug out.  It is a very nice yarn to work with though. 

I have learned however, that it does not like provisional cast ons.  The first part of the pattern you are supposed to do a provisional cast on of 3 stitches, work 7 rows of 3 stitches, rotate the work 90 degrees and pick up 3 more, and undo the PCO and pick up the three live stitches.  I tried 3 or 4 times to do it with different cast ons each time and kept snapping the working yarn when undoing the PCO.  After that I just gave up and picked up three stitches instead of getting live ones.  It's a very tiny spot on the shawl and no one will ever be able to find where I made the change unless they know this pattern very well.

Stay tuned for more updates on my shawl!

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